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Pertinent and relevant training is critical for the success of any individual, team, department or agency. Admin’s Learning and Organizational Development (LOD) team can assist with ensuring your employees’ knowledge and skills stay relevant and current through the development of customized courses tailored to meet your needs.

After conducting a needs assessment with the agency, our team will send a training proposal for review. Upon approval, the LOD team will create a course that is truly made-to-order.

The LOD team is qualified to facilitate learning on a range of topics including the individual course offerings on our website and those listed below, all of which are fully customizable.  

Advanced Supervisory Practices

Supervisors are the front-line leaders of state agencies. Many supervisors in state government attend the Supervisory Practices course as an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of their position. The Advanced Supervisory Practices course provides advanced knowledge and experience as supervisors continue to develop their skills as leaders. To take this course, participants must have completed Supervisory Practices.

Anti-Harassment Training

In recent years, the topic of harassment in the workplace has been brought into the national spotlight, bringing with it renewed awareness about the serious and unacceptable nature of these actions and the severe consequences that follow. The Division of State Human Resources has designed a harassment training course that takes a more proactive approach in helping employees identify, report and avoid harassment in the workplace. 

Emotional Intelligence

People are governed by their emotions, both personally and professionally. Emotional Intelligence, like technical skill, can be developed through a systematic, consistent approach to building competence in personal and social awareness, self-management and social skills. Participants will acquire greater understanding about how their thoughts, feelings and behaviors impact themselves and others.

Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)

MBTI can help us appreciate our own strengths, gifts and potential growth edges, but also helps us understand and appreciate how and why others may differ from us. This course emphasizes the implications of type and is designed to increase self-understanding, make constructive use of individual differences, and see that approaching problems in different ways can be healthy and productive. Knowing that these differences are all valuable can truly lead to more constructive communication and relationships.

This course requires prework in the completion of an assessment before the session.

Other Customizable Courses

  • Customer Service
  • DiSC Assessment
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace
  • Facilitation
  • Performance Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Skills for High Performing Teams


The cost of sessions for the above courses is determined by the number of participants, session length and amount of time required to customize the content.