Executive Budget Office

About Us

Welcome to the South Carolina Department of Administration's Executive Budget Office (EBO). The Office is responsible for the development of the Governor's budget and oversight of the annual state budget for South Carolina.

The EBO establishes guidelines for the budget request process and the submission of state agencies' annual Accountability Reports. It is responsible for the allocation of pay and health insurance for state employees, reviewing transfers, and deficit monitoring and works with state agencies to provide budgetary controls and analyses.

The EBO operations are structured in following sections and our team of experienced professionals can offer advice and services customized for your agency and the residents of South Carolina.

  • The Budget Development and Analysis section conducts research and analysis to support budgetary decision making for the Governor's Executive Budget. This section implements and monitors the annual Appropriations Act. Staff work with and advise state agencies on priorities, cost-effectiveness, and statewide considerations regarding funding needs. Throughout the year, this section of the EBO monitors revenue and expenditure patterns of state government to ensure consistency and to ensure appropriate actions are taken in response to significant deviations. The Budget Development and Analysis section also performs deficit monitoring of all state agencies on a quarterly basis. Additionally, staff review and make recommendations on transfers of funds requested by agencies. During years when State revenues fall below levels estimated by the Bureau of Economic Advisors, this staff work with state agencies to implement mid-year cost reductions.
  • The Fiscal Management section is responsible for the statewide allocation of pay plan and state health plan funds as provided for in the annual Appropriations Act. This section monitors the number of authorized full-time equivalent (FTE) positions in state government. Grant services, pursuant to the South Carolina Federal and Other Funds Oversight Act are performed by the section and as part of its responsibilities, serves as the State Clearinghouse for the intergovernmental review process. The Fiscal Management section prepares the annual Statewide Cost Allocation Plan with the support of state agencies.
  • The Performance Improvement and Transparency section provides Accountability Report guidelines and technical assistance to agencies in completing these statutorily required reports. This section works to effectively link state government's goals with the goals and objectives of each individual agency by employing metrics and benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of state programs. The Performance Improvement and Transparency section works to improve and expand reports and information available to the general public on state budgeting and performance.
  • The Capital Budget Office (CBO) has oversight responsibility for the state's permanent improvement projects program. The Office guides project requests through the approval process with the Joint Bond Review Committee and the State Fiscal Accountability Authority. The Office tracks project budgets and expenditures. It also assists agencies in gaining approvals for land acquisitions, donations, and exchanges.
    • CBO facilitates the planning process for state agencies' capital improvements programs through the Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan (CPIP). The Plan reflects permanent improvement project activity in five-year intervals.
    • CBO works with state agencies and the State Treasurer's Office to develop the bond draw schedules semi-annually, thereby governing the release of capital improvement bond funds for authorized projects. The Office also maintains the Statewide Permanent Improvement Reporting System (SPIRS) for tracking the budgets and expenditures of permanent improvement projects and sending monthly reports on project activity to state agencies.