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South Carolina Project Notification and Review System


The Executive Budget Office is responsible for conducting the State Clearinghouse responsibilities for the South Carolina Project Notification and Review System (SCPNRS), in accordance with the guidelines established in presidential Executive Order 12372. The Order mandates federal policy governing review and coordination with state and local government officials regarding any federal government actions affecting their jurisdictions, including the awarding of federal grants. The Order mandates that states, in consultation with their local governments, decide whether to participate in an intergovernmental review process, design their own review system and identify which federal programs will be reviewed.


Presidential Executive Order 12372 and Section 2-65-90, South Carolina Code of Laws, 1976.

General Requirements and Responsibilities

The purpose of the SCPNRS in implementing Executive Order 12372 is to ensure that all viewpoints, both state and local, are taken into consideration in planning federal projects. Through the system, the appropriate state and local officials are given the opportunity to review, comment, and be involved in efforts to obtain and use federal assistance and to assess the relationship of project proposals to other plans and programs. For South Carolina, the SCPNRS system was developed to coordinate with local officials through the 10 regional councils of government (COGs).

The State Clearinghouse (SCH) is responsible for coordinating with all 10 regional COGs as well as coordinating statewide projects that impact more than one regional area. The SCH consults with state agencies for the review and assessment of projects to ensure that all state policies and regulations are being adhered to concerning any project that may be developed in South Carolina.

Projects Subject to Intergovernmental Review

Below is a listing of federal grants required by the State Clearinghouse for Intergovernmental Review. Grants not on this list are not required to be sent to the Clearinghouse for Intergovernmental Review.

Project Listing


To submit a project for Intergovernmental Review, questions or concerns, please email or 803-734-3838.