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The state’s job search portal, NEOGOV, can be accessed by clicking here.

NEOGOV users should contact NEOGOV, if they lose or forget their username or password. 

Internal Job Postings

NEOGOV does not provide a separate system for internal postings. Agencies that have their own intranet for internal postings can use that process.

Agencies can use an internal application system for current employees to apply internally for a position. However, the agency will need to merge that information with NEOGOV information to have a complete EEO report.

Job Posting Information

  • A job posting will go-live immediately once the “Add” button is pressed if the posting is created on the same date as the “Advertise From” field. If set for a future date, the job posting will go-live at 12 a.m. on the “Advertised From” date entered on the job posting.
  • A position can be reposted. The preferred approach to repost a position is to create a new job requisition with a new job posting.
  • A job posting can be edited to correct an error after it goes live. From the MY HR screen, click on “Edit” under the active postings. Once the edits are made, click “Save” to immediately correct the posting.
  • A job posting can be removed after it goes live if it was posted in error. From the MY HR screen, click on inactivate under the active postings. NOTE: The job posting will not be able to be deleted once an application has been received for the job posting.
  • If there is a need to make an offer to the second or third choice if the first offer is declined, the agency will need to return to the referred list in the OHC and make an offer to the second or third choice.

NEOGOV Application Process

  • If an applicant forgets their password, they need to log on to the state of South Carolina NEOGOV website and select sign in. The applicant can then select “Reset Password.” NEOGOV will email the password to their registered email address.
  • There is no limit on the number of work history entries that an applicant can enter.
  • If candidates attach a resume or other document to their application, HR and the hiring manager can see the attachment. When referred through the Online Hiring Center (OHC), the hiring manager can click on the paperclip icon next to the applicant's name to access the attachment.
  • An agency cannot add education and experience to the application as a part of manually entering a paper application into the NEOGOV system, but the agency can attach a scanned copy of the application or resume.

For assistance with the EEO reporting process please refer to the NEOGOV EEO Reporting Guidelines

Troubleshooting Tips

If a HR user mislabels an applicant’s disposition as “passing” or “failing” in a step in an exam plan, they can change that candidate’s disposition to the appropriate status by clicking on “change disposition” under the “Select Action” drop-down box below the step.

If an HR user moves an applicant through a step in error, the applicant can be reverted to the previous step by selecting the “Revert to Previous Step” from the “Select Action” drop-down box. If an applicant stays in the Minimum Qualification or Supplemental Questionnaire step that is being used to capture the number of qualified applicants for EEO reporting purposes, the applicant will be counted as a qualified candidate if they have a passing disposition.

If an agency is using the eligible list to capture the number of qualified applicants for EEO reporting purposes, and an applicant has been placed on an eligible list in error, the agency should remove the applicant from the Eligible List by clicking on the “Remove from List” option under the ‘Select Action’ dropdown box. If the eligible list has already been referred to the hiring manager, the applicant must first be removed from the referred list. To remove an applicant from a referral list, click on “List — Referred” from Insight HR. After finding the referral list with the applicant that needs to be removed, click on the “Remove from List” option under the “Select Action” drop-down box and click go. After the applicant has been removed from the eligible and or referral list, the applicant will be moved back to the last evaluation step in the existing exam plan and will not be counted as a qualified applicant for EEO reporting purposes when using the eligible list option.