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A statewide contract for executive search services is available to all state agencies, departments, institutions of higher learning and commissions. This contract is available to assist agencies in recruitment for hard to fill positions including, but not limited to, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Investment Officers, Senior Level Administrators, Senior Level Academic Positions and Executive Compensation positions.

Information about the contract, providers and pricing information can be found here.

Before using this contract, all state agencies and institutions of higher education must submit a justification to the Division of State Human Resources, Department of Administration (DSHR). The justification shall include the position, a description of the position, a brief explanation of why a search firm is being used, the reason for electing the specific Contractor for this search and a summary of any previous recruitment efforts. DSHR must approve the use of this contract and the elected Contractor. Only after receiving authorization from DSHR may the state agency or institution of higher education issue a purchase order to a Contractor. Refer to the “Job Order Process” portion of Section III for the specific procedures for using the contract.

Agencies, departments, institutions of higher learning and commissions who would like to use services through this contract must submit a request and receive approval from the Division of State Human Resources.