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The state of South Carolina is committed to finding the best individuals and giving them the opportunity to use their talents to improve their state and communities. To do this, agencies must have an effective recruiting strategy.

An effective recruiting strategy enables agencies to:

  • Quickly create a pool of qualified applicants.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Create a partnership between human resources and hiring managers to proactively recruit rather than react to job openings.
  • Decrease employee training costs.
  • Support the agency’s needs and mission.

To assist agencies with their recruitment needs, the Division State Human Resources (DSHR) provides the following resources.

Rapid Hire Toolkit

DSHR designed the Rapid Hire Toolkit, which gives agencies guidance on the design and implementation of a rapid hire event. Topics covered include:

  • General information concerning rapid hire events.
  • Benefits of rapid hire events.
  • Guidance for planning and hosting a rapid hire event.

Veteran's Preference

Critical Employees Recruitment

The General Assembly amended Section 117.62 (Critical Employee Recruitment and Retention) of the 2022- 2023 Appropriations Act to allow state agencies to spend state, federal, and other sources of revenue to provide lump sum bonuses to aid in recruiting and retaining workers in critical needs jobs which provide services that directly impact the health, safety, and welfare of the public. The proviso also allows agencies to provide paid educational leave, student loan repayment, and tuition reimbursement to individuals employed in critical needs positions. Agencies receive no special funding for this program; instead, agencies deciding to use the program must use funds from their existing budgets.

Critical Employees Recruitment and Retention Program Guidelines

Critical Needs Positions Request Form

Job Vacancy Posting

For information about job posting requirements and exemptions click here

To assist agencies in reaching a broad and diverse pool of candidates the South Carolina Department of Administration has created that includes:

  • Current job openings.
  • Employee benefit information.
  • Job search tips.
  • Career development opportunities available to state employees.
  • Information about living in South Carolina. also includes testimonials from current state employees explaining why they made the decision to work for the state. Agencies are encouraged to create similar content for their own recruitment pages.

Job openings are also publicized through Facebook and Twitter.

E-Verify / South Carolina Illegal Immigration Reform Act

For information about E-Verify and the South Carolina Illegal Immigration Reform Act, click here.

Virtual Interviews

For information about conducting virtual interviews, please review Tips for Conducting Virtual Interviews.