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Notice upon Resignation

  • Generally, upon resignation, an employee should give a minimum of two weeks-notice to the agency.
  • An offer of resignation is not complete until accepted by the agency. Notification of resignation should be accepted by the agency in the same manner as provided, whether written or oral. An oral acceptance of a resignation should be generally confirmed in writing.
  • Once an employee's resignation is accepted, it may not be withdrawn, canceled, or amended without the consent of the agency head or his designee.

Exit Interviews

  • Although not required, agencies are encouraged to conduct an exit interview prior to an employee's separation from employment. The agency should establish a procedure that will provide management with information concerning reasons for an employee's separation.

Payment of Salary

Agencies are required by S.C. Code Section 41-10-50 to pay all wages (including any holiday compensatory time and overtime) due to the employee within 48 hours of separation or on the next regular pay day which may not exceed 30 days. In addition to the payment of all wages, the employee will be paid for unused annual leave not to exceed 45 days.

For additional information please refer to State Human Resources Regulations Section 19-719.