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What is it?

Workforce planning is having the right number of people with the right skills in the right jobs at the right time.

Why do it?

Workforce planning helps agencies forecast future conditions and develop objectives for HR programs to meet the organization's needs.

How to do it? 

The Workforce Planning Toolkit provides general information concerning the steps related to workforce planning and workforce planning strategies that can be implemented to address current and future staffing gaps.

Reporting and Data Analysis Resources

Workforce Planning Agency Data Resources Toolkit 

It is important for agencies to assess workforce planning needs to execute a valid workforce planning effort.

Demographic data and workforce statistics can help agencies plan where they need to focus initial workforce planning efforts. For assistance gathering relevant data, please refer to the reporting section of the SCEIS website if your agency uses SCEIS.

Agencies who do not use SCEIS may obtain demographic and workforce statistics from HRIS by contacting their human resources consultant.

The South Carolina Retirement System also has an Employer Services website where employers can access information about their employees' retirement eligibility.

Employee Development Resources

Filling key positions due to retirements and turnover is an ongoing issue for most organizations. Setting up Individual Development Plans (IDP) for staff can prepare employees to assume additional responsibilities when needed. The documents below can assist in the creation of these plans.

Individual Development Plans often include a training component. For information about the training programs provided by the South Carolina Department of Administration please click here.

Knowledge Management

Using knowledge transfer methods to develop staff can also ensure that critical business information is preserved, and that service quality is maintained. The resources below can assist in the creation and implementation of a knowledge management initiative.

Additional Resources