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Construction Project planning and programming — Construction and Planning staff members can provide guidance in developing  a construction program for an agency or unit of government for a specific purpose, and can produce construction program  documents for use in relating design needs to consultant/designers hired by Construction and Planning or the agency.

Design of small projects — The Construction and Planning staff, which includes architects and project managers, has the capability  of providing support to the client agency design services on projects. The advantage of having an in-house project management  team is enhanced by the working knowledge of state government processes and procedures which the Construction and Planning  staff maintains through daily activities.

Design and Construction procurement — The Construction and Planning office is set up to manage the process which governs the  correct procurement of all types of design and construction services. Our primary business is the hiring and supervision of private-  sector design firms, and the bidding and management of construction work performed by private-sector construction firms.  Construction and Planning is the coordination entity which acts to bridge the gap between those building ownership activities  which logically must stay within the state and those activities which are best done by private sector firms. That area of either gap  or overlap (depending on the project) is constantly moving, and it is the function of the Construction and Planning unit to fill in  whatever voids exist by finding resources within the state to fill the gaps, or to anticipate and eliminate any overlaps in function or  services between governmental and private sector service providers.