In accordance with Executive Order Nos. 2020-09 and 2020-10 issued by the Office of the Governor, and to promote the health, safety, and welfare of residents and visitors to the fullest extent during this State of Emergency, the South Carolina Department of Administration has suspended processing of all requests for reservations for use of the South Carolina State House and Grounds. No new reservations will be accepted until further notice.

Citizens, organizations or groups may use the State House and State House grounds for various purposes and events when the use will not interfere with or disrupt governmental functions.

A State House Event Information Form must be completed and the “Conditions for Use of South Carolina State House and Grounds”  read and signed.

  • To submit a completed State House Information Form and a signed Conditions for Use of the South Carolina State House and Grounds, click here.
  • To complete and submit the form online, click here.

Upon receipt of your request, the Division of Facilities Management and Property Services will review and send a reservation confirmation if the requested space is available. Call 803-737-1215 if you have any questions.