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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Hosting - Service Summary

Service Description

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Hosting offers an efficient platform customized to manage a variety of business information needs, ranging from mission critical content to standard correspondence.

ECM Hosting provides a platform that supports capture, storage, access, sharing, and final disposition of a ll types of documents and content throughout the document/content life cycle.

Sample capabilities include:

  • Intake for scanned/document captures.
  • Electronic document management.
  • Automating processes.
  • Document generation and distribution.
  • Records management.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) offerings include:

  1. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Platform: This offering provides ongoing access to the ECM platform and a training/orientation session to teach agency staff how to effectively navigate and operate the ECM environment. It also includes an initial allocation of 50GB of primary storage and 50GB of replicated storage.
  2. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – Custom Consulting: This offering brokers an ECM vendor-based professional services team to help agencies develop customized ECM workflows to meet agency business requirements.
  3. OnBase Data Storage: ECM storage is required for data sets that exceed the initial 50GB of primary storage and the initial 50GB of replicated storage. OnBase Data Storage is a separate offering (and is independent of the Enterprise Storage – SAN). OnBase Data Storage is charged separately.


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