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Database Hosting - Service Summary

Service Description

This service provides database server hosting for agency applications in the State Data Center. Databases, also known as Database Management Systems (DBMSs), are supported on Admin’s virtual servers and Enterprise Storage-SAN environment.  

  1. Database Hosting – Shared: Full database administration for agency customers who meet all of these criteria:
  • Agency directly manages/supports the application environment;
  • Database does not contain restricted data;
  • Database does not exceed 100GB in size; 
  • And agency does not require back-end access to database to alter data via inserts, updates or deletes.

         Offering leverages a shared Microsoft SQL database platform. 

  1. Database Hosting – Dedicated: Base level physical database administration services for agency customers who meet any of these criteria:
  • Agency uses third party vendor(s) for managing/supporting the application environment;
  • Agency prefers to manage the database server and have access to in-house or external database administration;
  • Database contains restricted data;
  • Agency requires direct backend access to database to alter data via inserts, updates or deletes;
  • And database exceeds 100GB in size. 

         This offering leverages a dedicated Microsoft SQL or Oracle RDBMS database platform. 

  1. Database Setup: If an agency requires initial limited help preparing a database or database server for initial setup to meet specific guidelines for a project, a database administrator (DBA) can be allocated to assist.
  1. Database – Legacy Isolation: If an agency is unable to use a vendor-supported database version or system, Admin will assign this service offering to the agency. These database management systems are hosted on isolated infrastructure and configured to help mitigate security risks. The database and its applications are supported by the agency. Admin will determine an agency's need for this service offering on an exception basis, as this offering is not orderable by agencies.

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