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Data Backup - Service Detail

Service Details

This Admin service includes:
  1. Data Backup – Standard
    • Hardware
      • Backup hardware technologies and associated connectivity components required for backups (e.g., EMC Avamar, SAN Disk Controllers, SAN Disk Arrays, VTLs, etc.).
    • Software
      • Backup software management tools and technologies as required (e.g., backup software management tools, backup software client agents, etc.).
    • Installation and Configuration
      • Installation and configuration of supported client storage software versions on Admin approved and supported physical and virtual servers at the State Data Center.
    • Support and Administration
      • Incident resolution.
      • Monitoring and alerting via email on all supported backup platforms (e.g., failed backup jobs, etc.).
      • Monitoring of the backup infrastructure to assure availability and functionality.
      • Replication of backup data off-site.
      • Upon request, Admin will email a daily backup status report of customer backups. The report will highlight risk areas such as missed or partial backups.
    • Physical Security and Facilities
      • Host all hardware technologies in the secure State Data Center, with appropriate security and environmentals such as: biometric access control, internal and external security camera coverage, 24/7 armed guard, conditioned power, emergency power, fire detection and suppression, and temperature control.
  2. Data Backup – Custom
    • Everything listed above for Data Backup – Standard, plus any additional hardware and/or software costs incurred by Admin to support customer requirements that are beyond the standard service. Actual hardware/software costs incurred by Admin will be charged on a pass-through basis to the agency.
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