IT Shared Services Catalog

Data Backup - Service Summary

Service Description

The Data Backup service backs up application and end user data, and provides restoration of data due to loss or corruption.

  1. Data Backup - Standard
    • One backup per 24 hour period.
    • Data will be retained for a maximum of 30 days. If longer retention period is required, see Data Backup-Custom.
    • Backup data is replicated off-site.
  2. Data Backup - Custom
    • Data Backup-Custom includes everything contained in Data Backup – Standard, plus any additional direct hardware and/or software costs incurred to meet the customer’s unique requirements. Support for system backups that are more frequent than once per 24 hours or support for a system snapshot (i.e., a backup of an entire system at a particular point in time) are examples of Custom Backup requirements.

Key Service Information



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