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Enterprise Storage - Service Summary

Service Description

The Enterprise Storage service provides encrypted storage for application and user data.

This service is highly scalable and dynamically adjusts to the performance agencies require. Through auto-tiering, this service provides a full spectrum of storage to meet needs such as:

  • High performance disk storage, suitable for mission, critical, customer-facing and revenue-generating, applications;
  • General capacity disk storage, suitable for development and sandbox environments;
  • And everything in between.

Storage is provided on a storage area network (SAN), and can be used for applications hosted on virtual or physical servers. The Enterprise Storage service supports block and file (Network File Services (NFS) and Common Internet File System (CIFS)) storage.

The Enterprise Storage service uses redundant components that protect data from loss due to equipment failure. The service supports a wide range of disk technologies including SSD, Fibre Channel and SATA hard drives. This ability, in combination with auto-tiering technology, allows agencies to leverage the right mix of disk technologies dynamically, based on a business application’s changing requirements.

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