IT Shared Services Catalog

Agency Relationship Management

The goal of the Agency Relationship Management (ARM) team, part of Admin’s Program Management Office, is to establish a partnership between Admin and agencies that use Admin shared services. ARM representatives assist agency partners with information technology planning and navigating the shared services governance process.

ARM Activities:

  • Assist agency partners by understanding the mission, deliverables and business goals of the organization.
  • Work collaboratively with agencies to help understand and participate in the shared services governance model.
  • Act on behalf of agency partners to assess service performance relative to stated goals and standards and proactively report performance.
  • Provide service reporting and discuss emerging shared service initiatives on a regular basis.
  • Solicit performance feedback and key information to drive change and ongoing improvement for existing services and the development of new shared services.
  • Create communities of interest for agencies with similar missions to encourage information sharing and enterprise level shared services development.
  • Engage shared services subject matter experts to work with and develop solutions for agency partners.
  • Advocate for agency business requirements and service expectations during the coordination of shared services projects and service development.
  • Work collaboratively with agencies to develop master services agreements and statements of work to define work effort, set expectations and clearly define project-related costs.

Contact your agency’s ARM representative or Admin’s Program Management Office for further assistance (