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  • 2018–2020 Statewide Strategic Information Technology Plan

    The 2018–2020 Statewide Strategic Information Technology (IT) Plan, developed as part of a collaborative effort between the South Carolina Department of Administration (Admin) and agency executives and IT leaders, sets the direction for the state’s technology-related efforts for the next few years, while identifying new strategic initiatives to further develop secure, cost-effective, responsive and standardized IT services. Some of the plan’s goals include the advancement of information security and improving the reliability of state systems, evolving citizen access to services, instituting data-driven decision making and leading in technology innovation. 

    The plan, which serves as an update to the first Statewide Strategic IT Plan released in 2016, also provides a continued response to the South Carolina Restructuring Act of 2014 (Act no. 121, 2014) which states that Admin’s Division of Technology is responsible for the development of a statewide strategic information technology plan. 

    To access the complete 2018–2020 plan, click here. To submit questions or feedback regarding the plan, click here