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Disposal Procedures

Conveyances of surplus real property are subject to the South Carolina Department of Administration (Admin) approval. Unless specifically otherwise exempted, the following procedures are followed in the  disposal of surplus real property:

  1. A state agency may declare real property as surplus by sending written notice to Real Property Services identifying the property and providing information regarding the prior use of the property.  Once the real property has been deemed surplus by the agency and prior to any disposal efforts being made, the agency shall contact Real Property Services to determine the method disposal.
  2. Real Property Services maintains a central listing of surplus real property for reference in reviewing subsequent property acquisition needs of state agencies.
  3. If an agency’s need for additional real property can be met with state-owned property, Real Property Services, on behalf of the Division of Facilities Management and Property Services, shall act as broker  in transferring or assigning the property to the requesting agency.
  4. Admin may authorize the Division of Facilities Management and Property Services to sell a surplus real property. Real Property Services has discretion to determine the method of disposal to be used.  Possible methods include: sealed bid process; listing the property with a private broker; listing the property for auction with a private auctioneer; or any other method determined by Real Property  Services to be commercially reasonable considering the type and location of property involved.
  5. Prior to the disposal of real property, Real Property Services places notices in several publications and venues including state and local newspapers, the South Carolina Business Opportunities Newsletter (SCBO) and this Real Property Services website.
  6. Prior to the disposal of real property, an appraisal of the property by a state certified appraiser, preferably MAI, must be approved by Real Property Services. Unless approved in advance by Real Property Services, the appraisal must not contain any hypothetical conditions or extraordinary assumptions.
  7. Except in extraordinary circumstances, real property will not be sold for less than its appraised value.

Property For Sale Listed By Admin (Invitations to Bid)

Property For Sale Listed with Private Sector Broker Offers may be submitted at any time for the properties identified here.