IT Shared Services Catalog | 11 2.1 LOCAL AREA NETWORK (LAN) SERVICES SERVICE DESCRIPTION The Local Area Network (LAN) Service provides LAN infrastructure (both wired and wireless) within a building or campus environment, which enables data communication among local resources within an organization. The service includes support for agency-owned or leased switches, routers, wireless access points and physical firewall devices within an agency facility. This includes capacity planning, monitoring services, fault resolution, performance analysis and advanced configurations to enhance security. Admin offers support on an 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or 24/7 basis. For virtual firewalls, Admin provides, hosts, maintains and refreshes all virtual firewall infrastructure in the State Data Center. SERVICE NOTES  Cable and wiring within the agency’s facility are not included.  Wireless network performance may vary based on room location and construction, existing infrastructure, etc. It is a shared technology and offers no guarantees for consistent bandwidth or performance.  All services are delivered in compliance with state of South Carolina information security policies, as presented in SCDIS- 200. 1. LAN Support Hardware  Installation and configuration of agency-owned or leased network devices and firewalls.  Network devices and physical firewalls are divided into tiers based on size and complexity. A list of specific devices within each tier is available from Admin.  Advice for agencies during the procurement process. However, agencies are responsible for determining equipment that will meet specific needs.  Support of Cisco, Juniper and Palo Alto products. Equipment must be a vendor-supported model (i.e., not end of life).  Provision, hosting, maintenance and refreshing of all virtual firewall infrastructure in the State Data Center. Virtual firewalls are designated as:  Small virtual firewall — up to three interfaces.  Medium virtual firewall — four interfaces.  Large virtual firewall — five or more interfaces. Software  Management and monitoring of software tools and technologies associated with LAN and firewall management. Such areas include usage reporting, monitoring, performance analysis and reporting, alert and event management, problem determination, etc. Depending on customer equipment, certain software tools and capabilities may not be available. Admin will inform agencies of such limitations. LAN SERVICES – SERVICE DETAIL