IT Shared Services Catalog | 14  Guidance to customers in the sizing of new or existing network circuits to ensure additions and/or expansions are consistent with the agency’s forecast growth trends, are a cost-effective option for customers, and can be fulfilled by Admin and/or a qualified vendor. Support and Administration  Incident resolution services via the DTO Service Desk.  Hardware/firmware maintenance for supported network devices and components.  24/7 monitoring and alerting on MetroNet. Security  MPLS and virtual LAN (VLANS) to isolate agency traffic.  Division of Information Security (DIS) monitoring of all network traffic to detect threats.  Cable and wiring projects are not included in the monthly MetroNet service and are provided separately. Admin will provide a cost estimate before beginning work. Agencies will be charged the actual cost to complete the project, including labor, materials, any vendor costs, etc.  Infrastructure within the building may impact MetroNet performance at the end-user device.  Planned maintenance is performed each Sunday between 6–10 a.m.  Agencies must submit service requests to Admin in advance, as detailed below:  Contact Admin at least 30 days before new service installations or office moves when existing network infrastructure exists.  Contact Admin at least 60 days before new service installations or office moves when existing network infrastructure does not exist. Longer advanced notice may be needed depending on customer requirements, location, vendor, etc.  In order for Admin to support requests submitted outside the advance notice requirements, agency director and Chief Information Officer (CIO) approval may be required, and additional funding may be required to cover overtime, vendor fees and other costs. SERVICE RATES Service Offering Cost MetroNet Services and Support Contact ARM Agencies should contact their Agency Relationship Management (ARM) representative or the Program Management Office ( for additional information or to acquire these services. ADDITIONAL SERVICE NOTES ADDITIONAL INFORMATION