IT Shared Services Catalog | 18  Upgrades of ESXi host service components. ESXi Host Systems Maintenance  Administration and maintenance of hardware to ensure that each ESXi host server is reliable, is performing adequately and is providing overall service availability.  Maintain ESXi host server hardware and software at recommended patch and release levels following standard change management procedures.  Standard capacity and performance analysis reporting capabilities for customers to review utilization, performance and trending information for processors and memory.  Admin provides and maintains a VM OS and related systems utilities.  Admin installs manufacturer field change orders, service packs, firmware and software maintenance releases.  Admin performs product patch, “bug fix,” service pack installation or upgrades to the current installed version.  Admin manages and maintains (e.g., procure, monitor, track status, verify, audit, perform contract compliance, renew, reassign) software licenses and media. ESXi Host Systems Support and Monitoring  Responsive support to incidents.  Responsive support to unscheduled service outages in a timely manner.  Provision of diagnostic information to assist with customer application support needs.  Repair or replacement of failing hardware components.  Ongoing security monitoring and management.  Security event monitoring, detection and notification.  Periodic vulnerability scanning and reporting.  Security event/vulnerability remediation.  24/7 access to the Division of Technology Operations (DTO) Service Desk.  Best effort prioritized on-call “after hours support.”  Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) based monitoring and alerting.  Hardened server images.  System management and reporting software.  Monitoring and alerting services to ensure operating system is up and operating normally. Network Connectivity  Connectivity within the data center to a dedicated department virtual local area network (VLAN) to keep data and applications separated from other department data and applications. Virtual Machine Redundancy in State Data Center  Virtual machines are configured with full redundancy allowing system recovery within the same data center.