IT Shared Services Catalog | 20  The environment is composed of dedicated hardware and software components with advanced security configurations. The costs of these components and the associated labor are included in the service offering rate. Examples of additional security associated with this offering include, but are not limited to separated VLAN, restricted user access, additional firewalls to isolate the legacy server operating system from the mainstream network, etc.  Agencies are responsible for initial provisioning, configuration, patching and ongoing management of the VM OS. CUSTOMER VS. ADMIN RESPONSIBILITIES Responsibilities Admin Customer Data Center Facilities Data Center power, cooling and related support infrastructure. X Data Center network infrastructure. X Data Center facilities security. X Data Center facility structure maintenance and enhancements. X Hardware ESXi host server hardware (processor, memory, storage for system files) at the State Data Center. X Virtualization software (hypervisor and virtualization management tools). X Standard System Software VM server operating system. X Standard security software (antivirus, host intrusion detection, scanning) for VMs. X Standard system management tools. X Server remote access software (Citrix or VPN). X Client remote access software (Citrix or VPN). X Non-Standard System Software Additional VM OS CALs. X Non-standard system management tools. X Non-standard security software. X Application Software Custom developed. X Commercially provided. X Middleware/utility software. X Other software not defined above. X Initial Provisioning and Configuration Management Of ESXi host server hardware/software. X Virtual machine instance. X