IT Shared Services Catalog | 24 Develop and document standards and acceptance criteria to promote applications database changes from development and/or test into production. X Coordinate activities for moving code from development and/or test environments to production via change management process. X Execute activities to support releases to production via change management process for database management. X Database Monitoring and Fault Management Define requirements for database performance monitoring. X Implement database monitoring tool. X Monitor database software environment on a 24/7 basis. X Automated monitoring of database instance availability on a 24/7 basis. X Monitor and respond to application database alerts and events per incident management process. X Configure database level high availability (SQL Server always on availability groups). X Database Performance and Capacity Management Agency deployment plans and user growth forecasts. X Define requirements for performance/capacity planning monitoring tools. X Implement and maintain tools for performance/capacity planning and management. X Define performance indicators and establish thresholds to monitor database performance against indicators. X Provide analysis and report on database performance trends and exceptions. X Recommend corrective action to resolve database performance and capacity problems. X Implement corrective actions approved by the change management process. X Database Maintenance Coordinate and schedule maintenance activities with customer change management process. X Install database security patches. X Database Security Ability to add/remove users for pre-defined active directory groups for user access for application roles. X Ability to manage users on Microsoft SQL server. X *SQL patches outside of the Admin domain are the responsibility of the customer DBA(s) unless contractually noted otherwise. General  Admin will ensure the agency has remote database server access per specifications provided in the project planning phase. ADDITIONAL SERVICE NOTES