IT Shared Services Catalog | 25  Agencies will be responsible for purchasing client remote access licenses for remote access.  Admin will coordinate with the agency for any planned Admin changes or outages that will affect the agency’s server environment through the Division of Technology Operations (DTO) Service Desk notification system as a result of the Admin change management process.  In addition to the data manipulation language (DML) tasks identified in the “this Admin service includes” section, administration and development tasks related to the application layer are the responsibility of the customer. In most cases, the primary responsibility for the identification of a DBMS problem will be the responsibility of Admin. If Admin determines a problem is application or DDL/DML related, then Admin will inform the customer of the underlying issue and the responsibility to resolve the identified issue will be transferred to the customer for final resolution. It is the customer’s primary responsibility to ensure it has adequate technical support for their application, as this is not a responsibility of Admin. There are many options for support from in-house technical resources, software support contracts, Beeline and other outside vendors that supply subject matter experts.  Requests for installations, adds, moves or changes will be billed to the requesting agency under the Database Setup service offering. If the amount of work exceeds four hours, this may be identified as a project and incur additional fees.  The standard maintenance window is Saturday from 8 a.m.-noon. Microsoft patches and SQL Cumulative Updates and Service Packs are applied during maintenance windows, within 8-30 days after release. Security Patches are occasionally applied sooner based on the risk of the unpatched vulnerability.  It is the customer agency’s responsibility to ensure that its SQL Servers are running currently supported versions of SQL software, as defined by Microsoft, if the agency determines to retain its database servers on its own domain and denies security access to the servers from Admin database administrators. Admin has no responsibility for the condition or security of SQL Servers or the data they store, process and/or transmit when Admin personnel have no security access.  Admin will support Microsoft SQL Server databases that qualify for vendor support (mainstream and extended). Admin will require an agency customer to upgrade to a vendor supported version of the Microsoft database before Microsoft extended support expiration.  For Dedicated Database customers, specialty database utilities such as Idera and/or compliance and security software licenses are not included in the rate. Costs to supply such utilities will be passed through to the customer.  Data backup services are not included in the default rate. Customer agencies must purchase the data backup service. Database Hosting — Dedicated  In addition to the General Database Hosting Service Notes, the following items apply to the Database Hosting — Dedicated Services:  System administrator privileges to the database engine will be granted to the customer agency for advanced database administration tasks.  Database client licenses costs will be passed through to the agency customers. The database licensing costs are not included in the rate.