IT Shared Services Catalog | 26  Idera database utility software (e.g., SQL Safe Backup) license costs will be passed through to the agency customer. Idera SQL backups are required for SQL Servers in Admin-managed domains.  Specialty database utilities, such as compliance and security software licenses, are also not included in the rate. License costs for these products will be passed directly to the customer agency.  Agency customers must purchase the Enterprise Storage service. This service offering does not include disk storage for database hosting.  Dedicated hosting outside of Admin-managed domains creates certain exceptions to the above service offering. Additional customer responsibilities will be included in the signed service agreement in such cases. An example of these additional responsibilities includes the customer DBA responsibility for SQL Server patching, backups, monitoring and troubleshooting. Database Hosting — Legacy Isolation  This environment may result in reduced application functionality to mitigate security risks inherit in the legacy database software environment.  This offering will have reduced support (e.g., patching is no longer available). This offering is primarily focused on protecting the broader Admin application and infrastructure environment from security risk introduced by hosting legacy database software.  The environment is composed of dedicated security hardware and software components. The costs of these components and the associated labor are bundled into this rate. Examples of additional security and related costs, associated with this offering include, but are not limited to separated VLAN, restricted user access, additional firewalls to isolate the legacy database from the mainstream network, etc. SERVICE RATES Service Offering Microsoft SQL Server Database Database Hosting Services Contact ARM Agencies should contact their Agency Relationship Management (ARM) representative or the Program Management Office ( for additional information or to acquire these services. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION