IT Shared Services Catalog | 29 that meets the agency’s objectives in a quality and timely manner. Once approved, the ECM external service provider will work with the agency to deliver against the defined statement of work. CUSTOMER VS. ADMIN RESPONSIBILITIES Responsibilities Admin Customer ECM Strategic Requirements Identify business requirements. X Identify data security/data classification requirements. X Identify backup and retention requirements. X Archive and purge requirements. X Data recovery time objective from a disaster recovery incident. X ECM Server Software Procurement, Installation and Configuration Procurement of ECM core software (OnBase). X Base ECM server hardware and software installation and configuration. X Procurement, installation, configuration and version upgrades of OnBase modules. X ECM core software (OnBase) version upgrades. X Apply functional patches, service packs, security patches and bug fixes to ECM server software. X Initial installation and configuration of an agency’s ECM production environment after testing in the QA/Test environment. This service requires the agency to contract with Hyland or a Hyland reseller to assist Admin staff with initial production system configuration. X X Privacy of agency data and images. ECM data and images cannot be seen by other agencies. X Logical separation of agency data and images, such that data and images can be extracted from the ECM system at a later date if required. X Content extraction and removal services from ECM repository (agency cost). X Physical separation of ECM environment (agency costs). X OnBase client software license and annual maintenance costs. X Hardware located at an agency for the imaging system (e.g., scanners, PCs to run scanners, PCs for document search and retrieval, printers). X Upfront analysis, design and programming services (e.g., needs analysis, discovery, workflow analysis, system design, statements of work, bills of materials, end-user training, custom programming services, line-of business application integration, retention management design, solution design documentation and configuration documentation). X Microfilm production. X ECM software modules necessary to write to external media (e.g., DVD) to provide to a microfilm service provider. X Scanning paper documents into images for tracking by the ECM instance. X Allocated storage beyond initial 50GB of primary and 50GB of replicated. X