IT Shared Services Catalog | 30 ECM Administration and Support Activities Create all document types. X Create all keyword types. X Create all retention policies. X Create all custom queries. X Create all vbscripts and c# scripts used for custom development. X Create all COLD reports. X Create all print formats. X Create all autoname strings. X Create all DIP formats. X Create all Keyword autofill sets. X Create all barcode formats. X Create all workflows. X Create all notification formats. X Create end user security roles. X Create all scan queues. X Create all auto commit jobs. X Coordinate/facilitate creation of disk groups based on agency requirements. X Create custom reports for report services. X Responsible for purging and deleting their own documents and batches. X Document configuration and submit to Admin for promotion to production. X Monitor jobs and resolve errors. X Perform basic troubleshooting. X Installation of client-side software and testing. X Test all aspects of a solution or new process. X Project needed resources required and give advanced notice of when resources will be needed. On large projects or extended length projects, provide project plan and estimated completion date. X Manage the projects and document the results. X Responsible for development of scripts or customizations. X Responsible for ensuring the testing of new versions according to the schedule published by Admin, and ensure the customizations are compatible with upgrade path. X Responsible for user password resets and user group assignment. X Responsible for knowledge transfer and training of customer’s staff except where Admin has been contracted to do so. X Notify Admin after new scan formats are created in order to ensure they are copied across Citrix server farm. X Notify Admin when go-live event is scheduled with a new department/site. X