IT Shared Services Catalog | 31 Promote requested configurations to production on agreed upon weekly schedule. X Act as liaison between customer and ECM vendor for issue resolution. X Quote and procure customer licenses upon request. X Maintain support contracts. X Work the change management process where applicable for the customer. X Maintain governance compliant media. X Monitor ECM infrastructure environment to ensure availability during the defined target availability hours. X Add and remove workflow timers. X Create and manage autonomy full-text catalogs. X Manage any portion of the ECM (Hyland-OnBase) software stack that resides in the production environment where the module or solution does not easily support multi-tenancy administration. X Attend status meetings and report progress on projects as needed. X Provide system utilization reports. X Assist agencies in the promotion of ECM modifications from QA to production landscapes (note: When scheduled through formal IT change management and/or occurring during normal maintenance windows). X Develop and document standards and acceptance criteria to promote ECM applications changes from QA/test into production. X Coordinate activities for transporting updates from the test/QA environments to production via change management process. X Execute activities to support releases to production via change management process. X ECM Monitoring and Fault Management Define requirements for ECM server monitoring. X Implement ECM monitoring tool(s). X Monitor ECM environment. X Monitor and respond to ECM infrastructure alerts and events per incident management process. X ECM Server Performance and Capacity Management Notify Admin when large amount of disk space is going to be consumed, to allow Admin the proper time to plan the sizing requirements for the storage volume. X Develop deployment plans and user growth forecasts. X Define performance/capacity planning monitoring tool requirements. X Implement and maintain tools for performance/capacity planning and management. X Define performance indicators and establish thresholds to monitor ECM server performance against indicators. X Provide analysis and report on ECM performance trends and exceptions. X Recommend corrective action to resolve ECM server performance and capacity problems. X