IT Shared Services Catalog | 35  Incident response based on priority levels.  Provide diagnostic information to assist with customer mainframe application support needs.  Ongoing security monitoring and management.  Security event monitoring, detection and notification.  Periodic vulnerability scanning and reporting.  Security compliance audit and reporting.  Repair or replacement of failing hardware components by IBM service personnel. Network Connectivity  Connectivity (physical and logical) within the data center network.  Disaster Recovery  Mainframe-based data replication and infrastructure disaster recovery. CUSTOMER VS. ADMIN RESPONSIBILITIES Responsibilities Admin Customer Data Center Facilities Data Center power, cooling and related support infrastructure. X Data Center network infrastructure. X Data Center facilities physical security. X Data Center facilities structure maintenance and enhancements. X Hardware IBM System z system hardware/firmware/software. X IBM System z peripheral hardware/firmware/software. X Mainframe Standard System Software LPARs. X Standard security software (antivirus, host intrusion detection, scanning). X Standard system management tools. X Application Software Custom developed. X Agency-specific third-party software purchased by Admin on behalf of the agency. X Shared commercially-provided software. X Shared middleware/utility software. X Database (ADABAS/DB2/IDMS/CICS). X Other shared software not defined above. X Initial Provisioning and Configuration Management Of IBM mainframe hardware/firmware/software. X Define supported LPAR infrastructure technologies and standards. X