IT Shared Services Catalog | 36 Define supported vendor infrastructure products and standards. X Publish change request procedures and lead-times for customer to follow for routine LPAR and operating system service requests. X Install and support major (new version) operating system and third-party system software upgrades as required. X Mainframe applications software. X Patching and Lifecycle Configuration Management Of Management of the IBM mainframe hardware configurations via the change management process. X Manage the mainframe LPAR configurations via the change management process. X Identify and install necessary system software fixes via change management. X Request vendor technical support for incident issues. X Applications software. X Database Software. X Monitoring and Fault Management – Fault Monitoring and Event Notification/Triage, Recovery and Troubleshooting (perform diagnostics, maintenance and break/fix support) IBM mainframe hardware/firmware/software. X Monitor OS utilization through the use of third-party software products. X Maintain source code and develop job control language (JCL) necessary to support all customer applications. X Provide problem determination support for all customer coded applications and JCL. X Capacity and Performance Management Implement and maintain tools for performance/capacity planning. X Provide reporting for system performance and utilization. X Monitor usage to proactively identify capacity or performance issues. X Evaluate, identify and recommend changes to enhance performance. X Recommend system hardware upgrades. X Provide customer growth forecasts. X Define requirements for performance/capacity. X Recommend corrective action to resolve system performance and capacity problem. X X Security Monitoring and Management Security event monitoring, detection and notification. X Periodic vulnerability scanning and reporting. X Security event/vulnerability remediation. X X IBM mainframe hardware/firmware/software-controlled access. X