IT Shared Services Catalog | 41 Procure additional storage hardware and software (disks, arrays, switches, etc.) as required to meet forecast demand. X Refresh (life cycle management) storage hardware and software as required to maintain a storage portfolio that is current and vendor supported. X Monitor the usable capacity of the Admin provisioned logical volumes (at the file system level). X Manage and administer the Admin provisioned logical volumes at the file system level (e.g., file system formatting, file system health checks, etc.). X Provision logical volume in the enterprise storage environment as requested by the server administrator. X Planning, building and administering primary storage and replicated storage infrastructure. X  The Enterprise Storage service is primarily based on enterprise storage from Hitachi. The Hitachi storage infrastructure supports a variety of technologies including SSD, Fibre Channel and SATA disk drives.  Admin maintains a certified Hitachi storage configuration to ensure the highest levels of availability.  Planned maintenance (e.g., firmware updates) will occur during non-production hours and will adhere to the enterprise change management process.  The Enterprise Storage service includes data replication services. Data replication is the frequent copy of data from one storage system to a second off-site storage system. The data replication process occurs multiple times in a single day and contributes to the higher availability of enterprise storage due to off-site redundancy.  Data Backup is a separate service offered by Admin. The Data Backup service backs up application and end-user data and provides restoration of data due to loss or corruption. Data backups are run once a day and have a 30-day retention period. SERVICE RATES Service Offering Monthly Unit Price SAN Storage, per GB allocated, replicated storage $0.45 Agencies should contact their Agency Relationship Management (ARM) representative or the Program Management Office ( for additional information or to acquire these services. ADDITIONAL SERVICE NOTES ADDITIONAL INFORMATION