IT Shared Services Catalog | 42 4.2 DATA BACKUP SERVICES SERVICE DESCRIPTION The Data Backup service backs up application and end-user data and provides restoration of data due to loss or corruption. Data Backup — Standard  One backup per 24-hour period.  Data will be retained for a maximum of 30 days. If a longer retention period is required, see Data Backup — Custom.  Backup data is replicated off-site. Data Backup — Custom Data Backup — Custom includes everything contained in Data Backup — Standard, plus any additional direct hardware and/or software costs incurred to meet the customer’s unique requirements. Support for system backups that are more frequent than once per 24 hours or support for a system snapshot (i.e., a backup of an entire system at a particular point in time) are examples of Custom Backup requirements. SERVICE NOTES  A request for file or system restoration must be made through the DTO Service Desk.  Requests for a retention period of longer than 30 days will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  All services are delivered in compliance with state of South Carolina Information Security policies, as presented in SCDIS- 200. 1. Data Backup – Standard Hardware  Backup hardware technologies and associated connectivity components required for backups (e.g., EMC Avamar, SAN Disk Controllers, SAN Disk Arrays, VTLs, etc.). Software  Backup software management tools and technologies as required (e.g., backup software management tools, backup software client agents, etc.). Installation and Configuration  Installation and configuration of supported client storage software versions on Admin approved and supported physical and virtual servers at the State Data Center. Support and Administration  Incident resolution.  Monitoring and alerting via email on all supported backup platforms (e.g., failed backup jobs, etc.).  Monitoring of the backup infrastructure to assure availability and functionality.  Replication of backup data off-site. DATA BACKUP – SERVICE DETAIL