IT Shared Services Catalog | 43  Upon request, Admin will email a daily backup status report of customer backups. The report will highlight risk areas such as missed or partial backups. Physical Security and Facilities  Host all hardware technologies in the secure State Data Center, with appropriate physical and environmental security controls such as: biometric access control, internal and external security camera coverage, 24/7 armed guard, conditioned power, emergency power, fire detection and suppression and temperature control. 2. Data Backup – Custom  Everything listed above for Data Backup — Standard, plus any additional hardware and/or software costs incurred by Admin to support customer requirements that are beyond the standard service. Actual hardware/software costs incurred by Admin will be charged on a pass- through basis to the agency. CUSTOMER VS. ADMIN RESPONSIBILITIES Responsibilities Admin Customer Monitor the backup infrastructure to assure availability and functionality. X Maintain the backup infrastructure on supported software and hardware. X Notify customers and schedule an appropriate time when backup system maintenance is required (outside of planned maintenance windows). X Provide support and assistance with backup problem resolution. X Assure compliance with all backup requirements. X Provide off-site storage of backup data. X Notify the customer when the backup client software must be upgraded. X Provide the contact person, phone number and an email address to Admin for correspondents regarding back up infrastructure issues. X Notify Admin of any federal, state or county compliance requirements. Agency shall attach relevant documentation identifying the deficiency and the requirement for compliance. The document will be kept on file for audit disclosure and a record authorizing the compliance or change. X Provide at least one week for backup schedule modifications (add, change or delete) or the removal of any client machine from this service. X Client-maintained (unmanaged virtual or physical hosted) server operating system software upgrades should be performed in a timely manner to ensure software support and license compliance with the backup infrastructure. X Monitor backup reports and client logs daily for missed/partial backups. X Provide tools and procedures to address any corruption that may result from the backing up or restoring of files that were open during a backup. X Publish backup schedules. X Identify backup requirements. X Publish data retention periods. X Identify retention requirements. X Manage off-site backup infrastructure and on-site backup infrastructure. X