IT Shared Services Catalog | 44 Publish notifications of backup infrastructure, OS and backup product compatibility updates and refreshes as needed. X Verify application data backup is successful (as scheduled); troubleshoot all failures to resolution. X X Verify the integrity of the customer data restored from backups. X Provide and publish standard maintenance windows and administrator support for infrastructure upgrades (hardware and software), product refreshes and repairs as required. X Provide, upon request, daily backup success/failure reports via email for customer review. X Develop the appropriate startup and shut down scripts for agency applications and or databases as required for proper application backup. X  Planned maintenance (e.g., firmware updates) will occur during non-production hours and will adhere to the enterprise change management process.  Admin can accommodate litigation holds, which may require retention of data longer than 30 days. The agency should communicate such requirements, and Admin will modify the retention period for the affected data as needed. SERVICE RATES Service Offering Monthly Unit Price Avamar/DataDomain/DB Backup/Zerto, per source GB $0.44 Agencies should contact their Agency Relationship Management (ARM) representative or the Program Management Office ( for additional information or to acquire these services. ADDITIONAL SERVICE NOTES ADDITIONAL INFORMATION