IT Shared Services Catalog | 55 5.7 RADIO, PAGER AND SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES PALMETTO 800 MOTOROLA STATE CONTRACT The state contract for the Palmetto 800 MHz system is with Motorola Solutions, Incorporated. All purchase orders must be issued to Motorola Solutions, Inc., to be considered a state contract purchase. Purchase orders issued to Motorola franchise shops (MSS) are not considered purchases under the state of South Carolina contract #4400013556. For Motorola service questions, please contact one of the individuals below. VENDOR INFORMATION Vendor/ Contract Pricing Contact Phone Email Motorola 4400013556 See Pricing Kaitlyn Hunter 803-847-0657 Wayne Lynch 803-730-9092  For contract administration questions, please contact the following. ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT Admin Phone Email Mackenzie Jackson 803-896-6592 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION