IT Shared Services Catalog | 60 6.1 CABLE AND WIRING SERVICES SERVICE DESCRIPTION Cabling and Wiring services are available through vendors issued contracts based on Solicitation #5400021654. Three lots of services exist, which include:  Lot 1: Inside Wiring  Lot 2: Outside Wiring  Lot 3: Engineering Services There are three options for using the Cable and Wiring contract.  Contact Admin for project management. The project will be taken care of from start to finish and the agency will be rebilled.  If agencies have the expertise in-house, Admin recommends notifying several vendors of your walk-through dates and let them compete for your business. A quote form must be created and given to vendors to complete. Select the lowest price vendor for your project.  If time constraints exist, it is acceptable to contact one vendor to complete a project. This is considered a fixed-price contract. However, by only selecting one vendor, there is a risk of missing out on competition and not getting the best price.  Maximum limits have been established by line item per lot of service.  For contract administration questions, please contact the following. ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT Admin Phone Email Jesse Asmus 803-896-5447 Betsy Smoak 803-896-0355 Mackenzie Jackson 803-896-6592 VENDOR INFORMATION State Term Contracts have been awarded to the vendors shown in the tables below for cable and wiring services. The tables are broken up by lot. Please note that not all vendors have contracts for all the advertised lots. All contracts for all lots expire on 8/11/2026. VENDOR INFORMATION State of South Carolina Term Contract Solicitation #5400021654 Vendors issued contracts under Lot 1: Inside Wiring (Expires 8/11/2026) Vendor Contract No. Vendor Contact Information ADDITIONAL INFORMATION