IT Shared Services Catalog | 76 8.1 PRINT AND MAIL SERVICES SERVICE DESCRIPTION Admin has contracted with a qualified vendor to provide efficient, cost-effective print and mail services to include the following:  Document design and development  Variable printing  Finishing and delivery  Online archival and viewing  Postal address cleansing and validation  Five-digit ZIP code presort  “Chain of custody” for sensitive documents  Reduces the need to purchase and warehouse expensive custom-designed forms  Reduces the need for third party mail vendors Admin manages the Printing Services contract for services. Admin awarded a State Term Contract to the vendor listed below for print and mail services.  Agencies should contact vendors directly for any additional information on these services. VENDOR INFORMATION Contract Number/Dates Contact Information Contract No. 4400020871 Contract Dates: 04/16/2019 – 04/15/2024 Contact: Bridget Fisher Phone: 803-791-1786 Email: SERVICE RATES Service Offering Cost Web Hosting Contact Vendor ADDITIONAL INFORMATION