IT Shared Services Catalog | 79 CUSTOMER VS. ADMIN RESPONSIBILITIES Responsibilities Admin Customer Maintain Teams platform and service connectivity. X Create and lead the governance committee. X Provision new Teams. X Create Teams service documentation and processes related to Teams. X Provide Teams training content via Evolve 365. X Perform end-user training via Evolve 365. X Deploy and support Teams desktop and mobile app (Premium workstation customers). X Deploy desktop and mobile app and Support Teams (Standard workstation customers) X Assign agency Teams champion(s). X Support the Agency champion(s). X X Assign users to Teams audio conference lines. X Add and remove Team owners. X Add and remove Team members. X Assign a secondary owner for customer Team management. X Team Owners support and manage content for customer Teams X Team Owners manage members, including adding and removing users. X Modify, enhance or develop use cases in teams. X Deploy approved Teams add-ins. X Monitor Teams storage and perform storage increases as needed. X X Provide Teams usage reports when requested. X Engage agency champion on incidents and enhancement requests. X X Work with agency and Microsoft on escalated Teams support incidents. X Agency IT Contact provides support/guidance to all agency groups. X Agency IT Contact escalates tier 2 issues to the DTO Service Desk. X DTO will coordinate escalation of tier 3 issues to Microsoft. X SERVICE RATES Service Offering Cost Microsoft Teams Contact ARM Agencies should contact their Agency Relationship Management (ARM) representative or the Program Management Office ( for additional information or to acquire these services. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION