IT Shared Services Catalog | 80 9.2 MICROSOFT ONEDRIVE SERVICE DESCRIPTION OneDrive for Business (OD4B) is an online storage space in the cloud that is provided for individual licensed users in an organization (state-provided devices only). Agencies can use the service to help protect files and access them across multiple state-issued devices and even remotely. OneDrive lets users share personal files, collaborate on documents and sync files to their computer. OneDrive is not meant for permanent storage or archival purposes. OneDrive for Business is your personal storage space within the cloud and is not accessible by other members in your organization. OneDrive will allow users to work on documents while not being directly connected to the work network on state-owned devices. OneDrive will sync the following folders from your computer:  Desktop files.  Documents folder.  Pictures folder. Other documents from your individual or organizational shares can be moved to OneDrive manually, but will not be synced back to network shares. Contact your Agency Relationship Manager for more information regarding this service. SERVICE NOTES  OneDrive is only accessible from within the U.S.  Multi-factor authentication is required to access OneDrive.  Data will remain within the Office 365 tenant and state- owned devices.  Retention policy will be set to 30 days from the date of file modification.  Data loss prevention is enabled to alert on Social Security, ABA routing and credit card numbers.  Service telemetry is logged to the state security information and event management (SIEM) to include authentication and modifications.  Deleted items remain in the recycle bin for 90 days.  Version history is kept for 25 versions of each file.  External backup copies of data are not performed.  External sharing of OneDrive content is not allowed.  Must be a DTO-managed workstation customer to consume this service.  DTO Mobile Device Management  DTO-managed workstation customer  Duo multi-factor authentication  User training on managing OneDrive storage SERVICE PREREQUISITES