IT Shared Services Catalog | 83 10.1 CLOUD SERVICES SERVICE DESCRIPTION South Carolina Cloud Services offers the effective and efficient provisioning and management of cloud-based resources. Cloud Services leverage a standard approach for cloud management in the public cloud. Cloud providers such as Microsoft and Amazon offer agencies the ability to rapidly provision cloud resources such as servers, storage and databases. Cloud processes are streamlined through the ServiceNow Cloud Management Platform (CMP). ServiceNow orchestrates a variety of cloud tools, providing management capabilities such as security compliance monitoring, cost analytics, asset management, software deployment and more. SERVICE NOTES  Cloud Services are an extension to the existing IT Shared Services portfolio and are in alignment with the South Carolina Statewide Strategic Information Technology (IT) Plan.  Agencies wishing to use Cloud Services must adopt them as an IT Shared Service through the Division of Technology Operations.  Key benefits of South Carolina Cloud Services include scalability and elasticity, increased speed and agility, flexibility and collaboration, resiliency/disaster recovery, and security and privacy. Cloud Accounts/Subscriptions  Cloud Accounts and Subscriptions are the building blocks for agency cloud consumption, allowing agencies to access the public cloud.  Each cloud resource, such as a virtual machine or database, resides in a single account/subscription.  IT Shared Services agencies share a networking hub for secure connectivity to the MetroNet and internet.  Security log aggregation and monitoring is managed through a centralized toolset using common alerting rules and thresholds.  Automated provisioning of common services is built into the solution to accelerate the availability of key services.  The cloud model is based on industry best practices according to enterprise-level standards. Enterprise Storage  Enterprise Storage is a cloud-based storage account for object-based storage which can support multiple redundancy levels, including global replication and availability across many cloud hosting regions.  Enterprise Storage provides a tier-based data hosting model allowing agencies to manage costs by defining which storage objects need immediate availability and which can be placed on slower, lower cost storage tiers. CLOUD SERVICES — SERVICE DETAIL