IT Shared Services Catalog | 85  The first step for agencies who want to leverage Cloud Services is to reach out to their Agency Relationship Management (ARM) representative who will help begin the onboarding process.  The onboarding process can take time due to several key considerations, including training, operations, security, billing and more. Your ARM representative or the Admin Onboarding team will be able to provide more information regarding the expected duration of the onboarding process.  Agencies will be evaluated for the cloud on a case-by-case basis. Some agencies may be prioritized due to demand.  Admin will be using a chargeback model which is intended to fairly and predictably allocate costs of the Cloud Services across state agencies based on usage. An agency will be charged based on specific cloud costs incurred within their accounts or subscriptions, augmented by a shared services fee covering platform tooling and labor costs.  Invoices are provided monthly to each agency. SERVICE RATES Service Offering Cost Cloud Services Contact ARM Agencies should contact their Agency Relationship Management (ARM) representative of the Program Management Office ( for further information or to begin the onboarding process for Cloud Services. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ADDITIONAL INFORMATION