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State Fleet Management

State Fleet Management is governed by the Motor Vehicle Management Act and provides centralized management of the state's motor vehicle fleet. SFM is divided into four teams: Compliance and Analysis, Operations, Maintenance, and Fleet Safety.

The Compliance and Analysis Team handles the regulatory, reporting, financial services, and administration of contracts such as the State Fuel System and the Equipment Information Management System. This includes the approval to purchase or dispose of all state owned vehicles, tracking the approximately 20,000 vehicle assets owned by the state and issuing vehicle tags and registrations. This team is also responsible for the monthly long-term lease and maintenance billing.

The Operations Team coordinates the long-term leasing of approximately 3,500 State Fleet-owned (Lease Fleet) vehicles to state and local government entities within South Carolina. This team also coordinates accident resolution for all Lease Fleet vehicles.

The Maintenance Team manages all aspects of motor vehicle maintenance through the Commercial Vendor Repair Program (CVRP). The CVRP operates a call center and arranges maintenance and repairs for state vehicles at the appropriate repair facility based on maintenance history, location and price. The Maintenance Team is responsible for certifying state-owned maintenance shops across the state through the Maintenance Facility Certification Program. There are currently 73 state-owned shops that require annual certification. An Emergency Service Program for after-hours emergency breakdowns is also provided.

The Fleet Safety Team handles the Fleet Safety Program, which includes tracking driver training, vehicle misuse reporting and investigation, and the compiling and reporting of accident data information. 

SFM Locations:

1430 Senate Street, 3rd Floor
Columbia, SC 29201
A map of this location can be found here.
Vehicle Receiving:
1447 Boston Avenue
West Columbia, SC 29170
A map of this location can be found here.

Fleet Management Policy Directives