Division of Technology

About Enterprise Privacy

The Enterprise Privacy Office (EPO) advises State agencies on the management of personal information that is entrusted to them by the citizens we all serve.  Our mission is to:

  • Promote an AWARENESS of our citizens’ privacy rights among state employees, contractors, and others who work with the government
  • Foster a culture of ACCOUNTABILITY among persons accessing, maintaining or using data in the course of conducting state government business
  • Serve as ADVISORS to state agencies and ADVOCATES for privacy
  • Provide a framework of ACTIONS to comply with state and federal information protection requirements
The EPO works through a network of agency privacy liaisons to establish, assess, and enhance privacy protection policy, training, and compliance measures. Working together, we strive to weave the common thread of privacy protection standards and safeguards throughout the fabric of the State’s policy and procedures, information technology lifecycle development, and program operations.