Division of Technology


The Division of Technology Operations is pleased to be able to provide customers with a variety of operational forms designed to allow account, workstation and termination requests to be placed. To access the desired forms, please click on the appropriate links below.


Network Account Activation (SCNETID)

The Network Account Activation form should be used for requesting, transferring or the updating of a non-privileged, network (SCNETID), service desk, mainframe or Linux\Unix account.

Network Account Deactivation

The Network Account Deactivation form should be used for requesting the deactivation of a user’s network account.

Privileged Account Request (SCPRIVID)

The Privileged Account Request Form should be used when requesting the provisioning and updating of privileged accounts. This form may be used for requesting a privileged network (SCPRIVID) for technical operations and administrative functions requiring elevated user access.

Remote Access Authorization

The Remote Access Authorization Form should be used for requesting remote access to the internal Department of Technology Operations (DTO) network for employees, affiliates, customers, contractors and vendors.
Workstation Deployment Request (Managed Support Customers Only)
The Managed Workstation Deployment Request Form should be used by managed support customers requiring the preparation and deployment of a managed workstation.
Web Filter Exception Request
The Web Filter Exception Request From should be used by customers with a web filter managed by the Division of Information Security. Managed customers should complete the request and submit with the required approvals.