Division of Technology

SC Information Technology Directors Association (SCITDA)

The South Carolina Information Technology Directors Association (SCITDA) is an organization focused on the collaboration of technology to benefit the state's governmental agencies, and thus the citizens of the Palmetto State.  
SCITDA was originally created in 1978 as the South Carolina Association of Data Processing Directors (SCADPD) as a result of discussions by technical people from a handful of state agencies. Since that time, It has since grown from a small number of members to being an organization that includes most state agencies, state colleges and universities. During the organization's 2000 Fall Conference, the membership voted to change their name to the South Carolina Information Technology Directors Association to better reflect its current responsibilities and the changing technology landscape.
The primary purpose of SCITDA is to:
  • To provide a medium for the exchange of information pertinent to the management of State information technology facilities.
  • To provide a consolidation of experience, knowledge, and interest in improving information technology, administration and management.
  • To serve as an instrument for the dissemination of information.

For additional information, please visit the SCITDA website.