Published Date

The South Carolina Department of Administration (Admin) has published the South Carolina State Government's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy.

This strategy, developed in partnership with Gartner and state government information technology and security professionals, is designed to help guide state agencies in the adoption of AI technologies. As part of this effort, Admin established an AI Workgroup, comprised of state agencies diverse in both size and scope; conducted a thorough survey of state agencies and conducted numerous information gathering sessions to guide the development of this strategy. This collaboration resulted in the release of South Carolina State Agencies’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy.

This strategy — steadfastly rooted in the three Ps: Protect, Promote and Pursue — outlines the state’s AI vision, guiding principles, goals and actions necessary for the productive and responsible use of AI for state agencies. The strategy also outlines a number of critical initial steps, including the establishment of an agency-staffed Center of Excellence (COE) and an AI Advisory Group to assist state agencies as they evaluate the use of AI.

With an AI strategy in place, Admin will now focus its AI efforts on collaborating with state agencies to assess the potential use for AI technologies to enable continuous improvement for state agencies and, ultimately, South Carolina citizens.