The South Carolina Department of Administration’s Division of State and Human Resources is pleased to provide services to all South Carolina state agencies who engage in the InfoSec and Privacy Professional Development Program (PDP). This program serves as a critical step toward achieving an InfoSec and Privacy workforce that is equipped to execute daily tasks, proactively prevent incidents and protect the citizens and state information assets.

Partnering with HR Directors and others is essential to adopt the PDP components and elevate the state’s security position through guidance provided to agencies that aid in the adoption of these components. The state can deliver a more secure IT environment for the citizens of South Carolina when agencies choose to adopt the three PDP components, which include:

  • InfoSec and Privacy roles and responsibilities.
  • Competency model for InfoSec and Privacy roles.
  • Position descriptions and training plans for the InfoSec and Privacy workforce.

The South Carolina Division of State and Human Resources is pleased to provide valuable resources that guide those who are establishing roles and responsibilities for the recruitment and retention of security and risk related positions, in search of a continuing career path in information security or planning for the future of South Carolina’s security infrastructure. Please select the appropriate link below.

Workforce Models and Tools


InfoSec and Privacy Hybrid Positions

The state established job classifications to address Information Security and Privacy roles and responsibilities. However, there are many hybrid jobs where Information Privacy and Security are secondary or tertiary areas of responsibility that may not neatly fit into these distinct classifications. An indicator has been added in SCEIS to help clearly identify all positions in state government that have significant Information Security and Privacy roles and responsibilities. Please refer to the InfoSec / Privacy Hybrid Position Guide.

InfoSec and Privacy References

The South Carolina Division of State Human Resources has established a close working relationship with the South Carolina Department of Administration's Division of Information Security and the Enterprise Privacy Office to provide all state agencies security related policies, support and training opportunities.

For assistance with technical questions and services specifically related to information security policies, standards and workshops relating to cybersecurity, contact the Division of Information Security. For assistance with policy, questions and training related to privacy protection policies, training and compliance, contact the Enterprise Privacy Office.