To contact our Commercial Vendor Repair Program to request a purchase order (PO), please call 1-800-277-3686.

State Fleet Management (SFM) conducts the Commercial Vendor Repair Program (CVRP) to establish competitive service and repair agreements with commercial vendors statewide. CVRP, which is available to any state and local government entities in South Carolina, offers the following benefits:

  • Significant savings of up to 55 percent as compared to retail prices.
  • Many services that do not require bidding.
  • One consolidated, monthly bill for all vehicles serviced.
  • More than 1,200 convenient vendor locations across the state.
  • Access to 24-hour emergency service. (See the Emergency Service Program below.)

Vendors that provide services to CVRP must submit a written Parts and Labor Agreement. The agreement must be competitive in the area the vendor can service. Agreements are renewed every fiscal year beginning July 1.

SFM does not receive state appropriated funds. SFM revenue comes only from the customers it supports. An administrative fee is used to pay the total cost of operating the program. Currently, the administrative fee is 14 percent of each repair invoice, with a minimum of $5.50 and a maximum of $75.

Join CVRP as a customer or a vendor. 

Vendor Invoices

If you are a vendor and need to provide an invoice for an approved service or repair, please send the invoice to one of the following:

Document Retrieval System

View CVRP invoices for your vehicles in the Document Retrieval System.

Preventive Maintenance Schedules

State Fleet Management has provided a Preventive Maintenance (PM) Schedule for agencies to maintain vehicles in a safe and cost-effective manner. Whether or not you use CVRP, sticking to these PM schedules can help to prevent major component failure and reduce vehicle downtime.

Emergency Service Program (ESP):

ESP is a service that allows CVRP to respond to customer requests to provide after-hours services for emergency breakdowns. ESP provides drivers the security of knowing that after 5:30 p.m. during the week and all weekends (excluding state holidays and state observed holidays), they can call the toll-free number (1-800-277-3686) if an emergency arises. Emergencies include:

  • Emergency recovery of disabled vehicles due to mechanical failure.
  • Emergency Recovery of vehicles with a flat tire and NO functional spare
  • During an after-hours emergency, please provide:
    1. Name and contact phone number of the person requesting service.
    2. Vehicle tag number.
    3. Vehicle odometer reading.
    4. Location (closest highway mile marker or street address and city).
    5. Detailed description of the problem


  • Routine maintenance, lock outs and vehicle service lights do not constitute an emergency.
  • Agencies are responsible for ensuring the stranded party is provided transportation. SFM is responsible for towing the vehicle only.
  • Actual vehicle repair is contingent upon vendor availability and the nature of the repair.

CVRP also runs the Maintenance Facility Certification Program (MFCP) which ensures that all state-owned maintenance facilities are operated in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Management Act. Each shop must be certified every year.

Maintenance Facility Certification Program Questionnaires:

  • Maintenance Facility Certification Program FY 2023 Word Document: SASS-001A 
  • Maintenance Facility Certification Program FY 2023 Excel Spreadsheet: SASS-001B 

The FY 2023 Maintenance Facility Certification Program questionnaire and supplemental spreadsheet are due by Nov. 18, 2022, for each State-owned vehicle maintenance facility.

Data from FY 2022 (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022) shall be used to complete the questionnaire and supplemental spreadsheet.

State-owned maintenance facilities must return the completed questionnaires and spreadsheet along with documentation to: