Published Date

Admin is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned website, The new site is designed to better serves all Admin customers, including state agencies and citizens, by providing more streamlined access to information about the agency and its services.

The site contributes to Admin’s strategy to promote consistent business processes across state government by creating a statewide framework design among government websites. This common look and feel approach enables citizens to recognize when they are interacting with a South Carolina government website, creating a seamless user experience.

Admin website visitors will benefit from the improved layout and navigation structure as well as fresh content. New website includes several features like a dedicated audience menu, which offers state employees, state agencies, business owners and South Carolina citizens content specific to their needs. From the home page, there is also easy access to initiatives, news and content visitors frequently search.

Please be sure to check and update any previously saved links as some pages have been relocated.

Admin will continue refining the site to ensure the best user experience to Admin website visitors. To share feedback or suggestions to make the site more user friendly, please email