In the S.C. Office of Ombudsman, we deliver people-focused customer service to the citizens of South Carolina and take pride in addressing your concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. We believe it is important for government to embody a culture of customer service and to work with citizens to solve problems.

For local issues, your city or county government is the main point of contact. For matters of national concern, such as immigration, please contact the federal government.


The goal of the Office of Ombudsman is to appropriately refer any question, concern, or request a citizen might have. Our office takes pride in accurately and efficiently navigating South Carolinians to the proper state agency or resource equipped to handle their needs.


The Office of Ombudsman acts as a facilitator in guiding citizens to the government resource that will address their issues. We listen to problems facing constituents across the State of South Carolina.


The Office of Ombudsman identifies and eliminates service deficiencies and continuously seeks to improve the delivery of state government services to the citizens of South Carolina.